CCM featured in: BASF’s “The Winnining Spirit”

BASF’s The Winning SpiritBy Appointment Only-


 From the beginning back in 1980, Jeff Baggett sought perfection. With Classic Car, He just may have achieved it. Concentrating solely on high-end cars, Jeff is uncomprising when it comes to repairing these esteemed vehicles. He says, “There’s no middle-of-the-road, no getting by. And we use nothing but new parts to repair a vehicle.” Those high standards drove his business and it wasn’t long before word got out that Classic Car was a very special place that took care of very special cars. His customers come fromall over- Florida, Texas, California, Pennsylvania, Georigia, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Its not unusual for an out-of-state customer to bring a car in for repair and stay in a hotel until its completed. Customers have even asked Classic Car to repair somebody else’s repair in order to make it right. And it isn’t advertising that spreads the word. “Our repaired vehicle is our advertisement,” says Jeff.

Jeff’s wife Dianne has been part of the business since the start and son Christopher is now the manager. One of their biggest customers is the Mercedes Plant in Tuscaloosa where they manufacture the M-Class. They also maintain three area Mercededes dealerships. The relationship began when Jeff repaired the cars of the transplanted Mercedes executives while the plant was still being built. They knew his reputation and Classic Car quickly became the shop for all Mercedes repairs.

One of Jeff’s first Mercedes projects was peforming bodywork on eight pre-production models that were to be introduced at auto shows. In addition to the demand for flawless craftsmanship, Jeff had to keep these vehicles hidden from the prying eyes of the car magizines. He was successful on both counts.

Classic Car was also asked to do repairs and restorations on the Jurrasic Park vehicles, after the filming of the movie. One of those vehicles is part of the eye candy in the lobby.

In the beginning, Jeff did all the body work and painting. He even built his own paint booth. When it came time for a new one, he came across a photo of a all-glass booth. His research revealed that they were built in Europe with only six in existence and none in the U.S. Despite the cost, he determined that he must have one. Eventually, he did.

With a booth like that, only the best paint is good enough, and for Jeff, that’s Glasurit. Jeff hass been with BASF for 16 years and declares, “Glasurit is the best line out there, bar none.” Jeff 100-percent devoted to each of his suppliers an expects the same commitment in return.d

Jeff gets plenty out of BASF business tools. He orders Glasurit monthly on line through and he saves all kinds of time with COLORMAX 2. Jeff also makes good use of BASF training; he and his Classic Car employees regularly attend sessions in order to stay on top of the latest technology.

There’s a since of pride at Classic Car that’s so strong it’s almost tangible. You see it in the employees, the equipment, and finished work-even the very premises. That pride, undoubtedly, comes right from the top.


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